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Istanbul Art Galleries

Istanbul is a historical city with strong cultural background. In fact, the city was the financial and cultural city of the most important empires in the history. We are talking about the Ottoman Empire, the Roman Empire and the Latin Empire. This Turkey city includes spectacular museums that offer offer fine art galleries throughout the year. Travelers who want to learn more about the culture and the artistic soul of different artists in Istanbul who need to visit the several museums that are located in different parts of the town.

The Modern Art Museum is a must when visiting Istanbul because it contains amazing and stunning exhibits. It was opened in 2004, and tourists can find sculptures, paintings and a lot of bizarre creations inside there. In addition, this amazing museum is a big complex that includes a big cinema, a store, a cafĂ© and a complete library.   

The Archeological Museums is another cultural hub where foreigners can enjoy amazing art galleries and exhibitions during the entire year. It was constructed during the last part of the 19th century by the brilliant mind of the prestigious architect Vallaury. However, Osman Hamdi Bey (Turkish painter) had the initial initiative to build this museum. Inside this museum, art lovers can enjoy some important collections that date back to the 6th century BC.  Phone: -212- 520 77.

Furthermore, Istanbul has other important museums that have amazing stuff from ancient and modern times. As an example we can mention the Aya Sofya Museum, Pammakaristos Church Museum, Asiyan Museum, the Calligraphy Museum, the Painting & Sculpture Museum and the City Museum, just to mention a few.

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