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Film in Istanbul

As in any other important city of Europe or Asia, Istanbul has a big  film industry which includes important film companies such as  Minusgreen, Ppristanbul, Bocek Yapim, Dijital Sanatlar, 4films and Az  films,  just to mention a few. This industry has been evolving  dramatically during the last years.  

The first film that was projected in Turkey was a Lumiere’s Film called  L’Arrivee d’un train en gare de la Ciotat in 1896. After that, a Jewish  man from Romania called Sigmund Weinberg continued to show other movies in different cities but especially at beer hall in the city of Istanbul.

Since then, this fantastic industry has been gaining a position in the world. In fact, Istanbul organizes some International Film Festival  that attract thousands of tourists around the world. In addition, there  are some international movies that were shot in Istanbul city, such as:

  • Russia with Love, Director: Terence Young (1963.)
  • Tarzan in Istanbul, Different Directors (1952.)
  • Topkapi, Director: Jules Dassin (1964.)
  • Midnight Express, Director: Alan Parker (1978.)
  • Distant (Ukaz), Director: Nuri Bilge (2002.)
  • Politiki Kousina, Director: Tassos Boulmetis (2003.)
  • Hamam, Director: Ferzan Ozpetek (1997.)
  • Crossing the Bridge, Director: Fatih Akin (2005.)

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