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Golf in Istanbul

Istanbul is considered as the city that connects two continents in one. In this fashion, there are several western sports that citizens practice regularly. As an example we can mention golf, soccer and tennis, just to mention a few. Even though golf is not a popular sport in the city, this activity has been growing up enormously during the last years. In fact, golf was always related to rich people; however, this paradigm is changing now.

The city provides several efficient golf courses in amazing green spaces. Foreigners who want to learn properly this exciting sport can obtain some golf techniques and become a professional with excellent teachers. Today, tourists can take golf classes in Antalya, Ankara or Istanbul. Each year, the Turkish Golf Association organized important golf tournaments. Istanbul has three important golf clubs that include the following:

  • The Kemer Country Club
      This golf club is perfect to practice and learn golf because of its strategic location in the city center. In addition, this club includes several facilities for tourists such as hotel, a restaurant and a bar. The kemer country club offers public and private golf courses to locals and foreigners. This spectacular outdoor space is located in Kemerburgaz neighborhood close to the Belgrade area.

  • The Klassis Country Club
      This is another important golf club in the city of Istanbul. It is situated in area called Silivri to one hour to Istanbul’s downtown. Conveniently, this stunning club possesses a stunning outdoor environment perfect for golf and other sports. There is a big hotel inside the club that foreigners can use to attend golf courses every day.

  • The Istanbul Golf Club
    This is the oldest club where people from different parts of the world and Turkey gather together to play golf. In fact, The Istanbul Golf Club is considered as the fourth most important in Europe. The golf courses are quite popular here. This magnificent golf club is situated among some exclusive neighborhoods; we are talking about the Levent neighborhood and the Maslak Neighborhood.  

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