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When it comes to history,  Istanbul   is of the richest cities in the world. Built on a location of great  strategic importance from ancient times and to this very day, it was  destined to be one of the commercial, cultural and political centers of  the world throughout history. It was the capital of great empires and  the home of many iconic leaders. There is no wonder, then, that for  centuries vast amounts of wealth, artistic objects and people with great  ideas, along with a mixture of various cultures from all corners of the  globe accumulated in Istanbul, forming a platform for beautiful  buildings of every purpose and astonishing collections of art. So if  you’re in Istanbul and looking to spend some quality time visiting  museums and enjoying fine art, rest assured that you will not leave this  city disappointed. There are about 30 museums in Istanbul, majority of  them located on the European side of the city. A lot of them were  founded inside buildings built for various purposes throughout this  city’s unique history, from Byzantine churches dating back to ancient  ages to private houses built by wealthy people of high social standard.  That means that you will not only be enjoying art exhibited in the  museums, but you will also experience a direct contact with history  second to none by witnessing these great works of multicultural  architecture. Here you will find a list of some of the museums worth  visiting.

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