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Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul is a magnificent city where foreigner can feel the bizarre sensation to be in two continents at the same time. In this fashion, tourists are going to find amazing stuff from both continents. In fact, the city of Istanbul possesses a large number of shopping areas. That is why the city is considered as the Shopper’s paradise. In order to buy properly and avoid being scammed; travelers need to visit the different shopping streets with a professional guide.

As the capital of many empires such as Ottoman, Latin and Roman Empire; Istanbul can boast of being a commercial city that has more than 1,500 years. Travelers can find several things in Istanbul such as rugs, silver antiques, gold stuff, expensive carpets, valuable stones, footwear and clothing, just to mention a few.

If travelers want to obtain some handicrafts; the Sultanahmet area is the correct one for them. Several antique stores are available in this area. Other important shopping areas for handicrafts are The Turnacibasi Sokak and the Off Istiklal Caddesi. However, if people are seeking out sophisticated clothes of international brands such as Gucci, Hugo Boss or Armani; the Nisantasi district includes several international stores.

The Grand Bazaar is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. That is why that this place receives thousands of tourists each year. In addition, this interesting spot is also a big shopping center where tourists can obtain jewelry, furniture, metal ware, textiles and much more.

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