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Sports in Istanbul

Definitely, Istanbul is a wonderful city because it does not only have amazing historical landmarks but also the sports are a favorite activity in town. There are a large number of sports that tourists can practice when visiting Istanbul. As an example we can mention jogging and biking in several big parks. The sea sports are another spectacular option to have fun; however, football is considered the most important sport in the entire country.

As we’ve mentioned before, football is the king sport in the city. That is why thousands of youth people are involved in these sports and practice it regularly. In fact, the city of Istanbul includes more than fifteen soccer teams. Nonetheless, the principal ones that are participating in the National League are: Buyuksehir Belediye, Kasimpasa, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray.

Being a city with five professional teams of soccer ; Istanbul possesses some of the most modern and spectacular stadiums such as the Sukru stadium, Ataturk O stadium and Besiktas Inonu Football stadium, just to mention a few. The basketball is another important sport that citizens practice a lot. In fact, there are professional teams of basketball that compete in European Championships in specific months of the year.

In 2010, the Turkish National team of Basketball obtained the second position in the world’s basketball contest which was held in Istanbul. Like in football, the city has two important venues to play basketball like the Sinan Erdem and the Abdi Ipekci Arena.

Istanbul was blessed with abundant sea water that surrounds the city completely. We are talking about the Black Sea, the Bosphorus area and the Marmara Sea. In these magnificent zones with fresh sea breeze and spectacular sea landscapes, foreigners can practice some of the most incredible sea sports such as sailing, swimming, and scuba-diving.

Istanbul can boast of being one of the most favorite places in the world where some international competitions are taking place. For instance, we can mention some important ones such as the Red Bull Air which showed some car acrobatics, the (WRC) World Rally Championship and the Intercontinental Marathon just to mention a few. In addition, Istanbul also has several big green spaces that are perfect for golf lovers.  

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