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Theatre in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is considered as the most important cultural city of Turkey due to its amazing activities which are realized during the entire year. In fact, people who are living in this historical city are really interested in showing its culture to the world through several rich and varied events such as festivals, art galleries, music concerts, and theatre plays.

There is an important festival that is called International Theater Festival that presents important plays with recognized actors and actresses from different parts of Europe and Turkey. This event is realized each year on May in a big cultural complex called Ataturk Kultur Merkezi (AKM.)

In addition, this cultural hub offers other important activities such as Musicals, Comedies and Dramas. Even though, Istanbul organized plays during the entire year, the majority of them are performing in the native language. In this fashion, it is a little bit complicated to understand for foreigners.

The International Puppet Festival is another important cultural festival in Istanbul. In this festival, Travelers have the opportunity to meet the most famous puppet in all of Turkey. We are talking about Karagoz. In addition, travelers are able to have fun with alternative performances in another stunning cultural hub that’s  located in the heart of Istanbul called The Atacan Sanat Merkezi. This important place includes modern facilities to provide excellent theater plays.  

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